Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Record a Poem - yes you! or just listen in

Listen to "Invitation" written and read by Druzelle Cederquist
More by author at Luminous Realities website
 I hope you enjoyed the poet videos in my last post: Invite a Party of Poets - and they will come! But don't let name-brand poets have all the fun. The Poetry Foundation has set up a Record-a-Poem site on SoundCloud and invited everyone to post recordings of their favorite poems.

What a gift, to record a poem that spoke especially to you, that inspired you or tickled your funny bone, that brought "a sliver of insight a fresh perspective.”

How-to steps are listed here on Harriet: poetry blog, along with a few already recorded poems. I took time to record a short poem of my own: "Invitation." The tech stuff is do-able - the best news being that you can erase and record again, so mistakes can be made! Since SoundCloud is a social site, Record-a-Poem members can also follow fellow poet-readers as they choose.

And really, if the first-graders of St. Giles School can record and post “The Crocodile” (by Lewis Carroll), you can do this, right? Let me know when I can look for your recording on Record-a-Poem.


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